Deadpool Writers Confirm That He Will Be Part of the MCU!

Earlier this week, there was yet another confirmation that Deadpool will remain Rated-R under Marvel Studios. Even so, there were still people who didn’t believe that Deadpool would be part of the MCU; despite him now being under the control of Kevin Feige. Today there’s confirmation of that.

Speaking with, the Deadpool writers talk how excited they (and Marvel Studios) are about having Deadpool in the MCU:

“We definitely we want to play in the sandbox,” Reese said. “One of the great things about the MCU is how rich and broad it is. For instance, just think about the world of villains, how great the world of villains are. We’re never able to use a lot of those villains because they were on the MCU. Well, now we can. So, right away, we’re definitely excited about getting the shot to do that. I think Ryan is too. I think the MCU people are too, just the idea of throwing Deadpool into the mix is exciting to them.”

They also went on to say there will be a really fun crossover when Deadpool gets to interact with all of those characters they now have access to.