Kevin Feige is Now Overseeing All of Marvel – Movies, TV, and Comics

A huge day for Marvel has arrived, Kevin Feige is now the Chief Creative Officer of the company; meaning he oversees everything the company produces. That includes the movies, television, and even the comics.

Deadline broke the news today, but every major Hollywood trade is backing it up. The big part of this news comes from Deadline:

As part of this, Marvel TV and animation generator Marvel Family Entertainment will move under Feige’s Marvel Studios banner.

This means that Marvel TV as we know it is likely dead, and the 10 episode season of Helstrom may be the last thing produced by Marvel Television.

People have been saying this is going to happen for a couple of weeks, but as the Internet tends to do they’d rather believe what they want to hear than what is really happening.

Overall this is good news as now all of the television shows will be overseen by Marvel Studios and we’ll finally get those crossovers everyone always wanted. The big question is how will Feige impact the publishing (the comics), as Marvel’s been doing really good stuff there recently.