September 28, 2020

Kevin Feige Hints That Ant-Man Does Have a Future in the MCU

When a third Ant-Man wasn’t announced with Phase 4, people began to wonder if there would be a third movie in the series. Without news of one, some people even started doom and gloom rumors about the franchise being dead. But it doesn’t appear that way, and Kevin Feige hinted there is a future for Scott and Hope.

In a New York Times feature about Paul Rudd, Kevin Feige is asked about a third Ant-Man, and he said:

“The chess pieces were arranged very purposefully after ‘Endgame.’ Those that are off the board are off, and those that are still on, you never know.”

Basically since no one from the Ant-Man franchise was killed in Avengers: Endgame, it means they could show up down the line in a future movie.

People forget that while Ant-Man and The Wasp was part of Phase 3, it was not revealed at the Phase 3 event in 2014. They didn’t announce the movie until October of 2015, more than a year after the initial Phase 3 announcement. Just because Ant-Man 3 isn’t announced yet, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming.