Ms. Marvel Revealed to Be the Main Character in the Avengers Game

This afternoon at the Marvel Games panel at New York Comic Con, Square Enix revealed the Kamala Khan is going to be the main character in the upcoming Avengers video game. She’s the character who drives the story forward, and they even released a trailer showcasing her in action!

Prior to revealing Ms. Marvel as the main character they explained a bit about the world in the five years after A-Day, and AIM has taken over believing science is better than super powers. The Avengers are disassembled, and Ms. Marvel is the person who manages to get them back together. Kamala will have all of her powers in the game and those who’ve tried a playable demo featuring her say her powers are really fun to play with.

It makes a lot of sense for Kamala to be the lead character in the story, as her being exposed to the mists on A-Day and being new to her powers would give her a cool perspective for the story to explore. She’s also going to be taking a bigger role in the MCU with her Disney+ series as well as appearing in future movies.

Here’s the Kamala trailer: