About Those Marvel Television Rumors…

Last week, Variety ran a report that said the Jeph Loeb-led Marvel Television is moving away from live-action series and instead will focus on animation as Marvel Studios takes over the major MCU series. Since then people have attempted to debunk Variety’s report, despite them being a trusted Hollywood trade, but a week later their report appears to be correct.

I addressed this on the podcast this week, and here’s what seems like is really going on. It’s actually in the process of happening as this is being written.

Yes, it does sound like Marvel Television is going through some changes. And it does sound like the Variety article is very accurate in what they reported. Following the end of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and if Runaways/Cloak and Dagger aren’t renewed; Helstrom on Hulu will be the only live-action series from Marvel Television on the air. But that doesn’t mean they’re technically shutting down.

Marvel Television has a lot of people with experience with television production, which Marvel Studios would want to utilize with the many shows they’re planning for Disney+. That means a lot of the people who worked on shows like the Netflix series behind the scenes would still be involved with Marvel TV, only they’ll be working on the Disney+ series being produced by Marvel Studios.

There are still a lot of questions to be ironed out, as Marvel Television had their own offices separate from Marvel Studios. But with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision both beginning production this month, there is already beginning to be a melding of Marvel Television and Marvel Studios behind the scenes.

It’s actually bizarre that some people would go to bat for Marvel Television to try to debunk Variety’s report, as this change is actually going to be a good thing for Marvel fans. Now the television shows will be produced by Marvel Studios and there will finally be a real connection between them and the movies; something fans have wanted for years.