The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is Now Available in 4K

What began with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 thanks to James Gunn pushing Disney to adopt 4K UHD releases is now complete.

While new MCU releases arrived on 4K UHD in addition to normal Blu-ray, the previous movies took a while to reach the format. Disney slowly released the previous films in batches, likely to help collectors out with the price, but with today’s new releases; all twenty-three MCU movies are available in 4K.

Today marks the 4K home video release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and to complete the 4K Marvel Cinematic Universe; Disney has released the final three catalog MCU releases on 4K UHD disc:

Kevin Feige has revealed that an Infinity Saga boxed set is on the way later this year, but there’s no release date for that yet. There’s also no word on if there will be a 4K version of it, but with the entire MCU now on the format it’s possible for them to do that.

Also with all of the MCU films now available in 4K, it bodes well for them to stream in 4K when they come to Disney+.