Kevin Feige Reveals a Deleted Scene From the Infinity Saga Boxed Set

Last night at the Saturn Awards, Kevin Feige was honored with the Stan Lee World Builder Award. Kevin wasn’t able to attend, so he accepted the award with a video acceptance speech, and as a thank you to the fans he revealed something special.

He said later this year they will release the entire Infinity Saga boxed set with a bonus disc of deleted scenes never before seen, and he revealed one of those.

It’s an alternate version of the Iron Man post-credit scene with some interesting new dialog from Nick Fury. He mentions gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites…and assorted Mutants.

Obviously back in 2008 they couldn’t use the “Mutant” word because of Fox, so we’ve never seen that alternate version of the deleted scene until now that Disney owns the X-Men once again.

There’s no release date yet for the Infinity Saga boxed set, or price, but you can imagine that an elaborate 23 movie set with all sorts of extras won’t be cheap.

Here’s the clip: