There Are Still Big Eternals Roles To Be Announced

Marvel’s The Eternals already has a huge cast with some pretty big names part if it, but it seems like they’re not done filling out the latest superhero group to head to the big screen.

Richard Madden, who plays Ikaris, told GQ in a video interview that there are still some more actors yet to be announced in the impressive cast line up. He wouldn’t name names though.

Most people expect the characters to be Eros (aka Starfox) and Zuras, as both of them were listed in the casting breakdowns for the movie and haven’t yet been cast. There’s also the “Greek god” male lead who was listed on the breakdown, who isn’t Ikaris as the two were separate characters.

There is also some online speculation that Starfox, known as an intergalactic ladies man in the comic and brother to Thanos, could possibly become the openly gay character that Marvel Studios has been promising for the movie. Again, that’s just online speculation.

As The Eternals is beginning production, it likely won’t be long until we learn who these other actors joining the cast will be.