Tom King’s ‘Vision’ Comic May Hold Clues to ‘WandaVision’

When the official concept art for WandaVision was revealed, many comic readers noticed that it bared a striking resemblance to Tom King’s Eisner-winning Vision comic run.

Marvel Studios always draws inspiration from the source material, as unlike other filmmakers they’re not ashamed or embarrassed to be making movies and TV shows based on comic books. And with Tom King’s twelve-issue run on Vision winning an Eisner award, that’s pretty distinguished place to draw inspiration from.

The Director’s Cut of Vision includes the script and notes about the comic, and one of them could be a big hint to what they’re doing with the Disney+ WandaVision show:

Obviously the Disney+ series is based in the MCU where things are very different than the long history of the comics and will be focusing on Scarlet Witch and Vision as opposed to a whole family. And most people expect the big twist in WandaVision is that the whole normal sitcom life is actually an altered reality vision by Wanda.

But with the little we do know about WandaVision, Tom King’s description of his acclaimed twelve-issue run on Vision seems to be the starting point where WandaVision comes from.