Disney Only Wanted a 30% Co-Finance Deal for Spider-Man, Not 50%

If you look at the discussions online about the Spider-Man situation, one thing that still dominates the online outrage is the narrative that “Greedy Disney” ruined it by demanding 50% of the profits from Spider-Man, which in itself is not even what the original report said.

The original report claimed they wanted a 50/50 co-financing deal where they would put up half of the money for the movies (as opposed to nothing right now), but that report also looks to be incorrect based on new information that came out yesterday.

Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter ran a very in-depth report that sheds a lot of light on the situation as opposed to the one-sided leak that Deadline ran on Tuesday night. In it, they say Disney only asked for a 30% co-finance deal:

Disney had been seeking a co-financing arrangement on upcoming movies, looking for at least a 30 percent stake. 

It should be noted that co-finance deals also don’t always involve an equal splitting of earnings, which is something else people will ignore as they continue their misinformed online outrage fits. Also, there have been some rumors floating around that Disney went as low as wanting 20%, which Sony still rejected.

On Tuesday night when the initial report hit many people believed it came from Sony, and this sort of thing gives a lot of strength to that. One side leaking that the other wanted something outrageous, and then issuing a public statement, is a way to sway public opinion in one direction before the whole story can come out.

That’s exactly what happened here, as you can still see people parroting the 50% claim about “Greedy Disney” while ignoring the new information that has come out since. One side involved with the situation was successful in using a Hollywood Trade to spread propaganda to make them look like the victim before the whole story could come out. And with how the internet works in 2019, people only listen to what makes them angry and ignore the facts that come later.