Sony Believes They Don’t Need Disney For Spider-Man Anymore

The Spider-Man situation keeps getting worse before it seems to get any better. Now comes a new report from The Hollywood Reporter that seems to change the narrative away from the very one-sided one that we’ve been hearing for the past twenty-four hours.

According to THR, the success of Spider-Man: Far From Home led Sony to believe they no longer need Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios for a successful Spider-Man movie:

In the next month and a half, Far From Home would go on to catch $1.109 billion in the box office web, becoming Sony’s biggest movie of all time. The figure reinforced both sides’ thinking. Sony executives believed they didn’t need Disney anymore, and Disney was in no way leaving money, and Peter Parker, behind, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter

The article also debunks the “greedy Disney wanted 50% of the profits” narrative that has been polluting social media for the last day, saying Disney only wanted 30%:

Disney had been seeking a co-financing arrangement on upcoming movies, looking for at least a 30 percent stake. Sony, which counts Spider-Man as one of its only reliable moneymaking franchises, said no.

They also allude that the reports of a Sony counter offer to Disney, part of the damage control spin from last night, never happened:

Now, insiders at both studios are pointing fingers at one another about counter offers that never happened or offers that were supposedly mighty generous.

They do end the article saying that both sides could come back to the table, but it’s looking pretty grim right now if Sony really thinks that Marvel Studios had nothing to do with the success of the last two movies…