September 26, 2020

Spider-Man: Far From Home Being Re-Released for One Week With New Footage

Obviously taking a cue from the successful Avengers: Endgame re-release that helped push the movie beyond Avatar in the all-time box office, it looks like Spider-Man: Far From Home will also be returning to theaters with new footage.

The news originated on via a post Reddit, but I’ve been able to confirm with two separate theater sources that it looks like the re-release will indeed be happening. The Redditor, named natedoggcata, said in his post:

“On August 30th, for Labor Day Weekend, Sony Pictures Entertainment will be reissuing a Director’s Cut of Spider-Man: Far From Home into theaters across the country. This Director’s Cut will feature unseen footage added back into the film for an all new Spider-Man experience. There will be a major marketing campaign behind this new cut, so we are asking for everyone’s support in playing the picture in both regular and PLF screens.”

You’ll have to act quickly if you want to see the re-release, as it seems like it’ll only be in theaters for a week. It’ll arrive on August 30th, and then leave those screens on September 5th due to the big release of It Chapter 2 that will take over all the premium screens on the 6th.

There’s no word on what the additional footage will be, but Far From Home’s director did talk about a “Peter’s To-Do” list short film that will be on the Blu-Ray, which includes the footage of Peter fighting off the mobsters in the restaurant as well as the Mr. Delmar stuff. That short runs 3 1/2 minutes and it could be what is added to this re-release, maybe with some other things as well. Hopefully whatever they add will be better than what was included in the Endgame re-release…