Hulu’s Supernatural Marvel Shows Are Titled ‘Adventure Into Fear’

We’ve known for a while that Marvel Television was working on several supernatural shows for Hulu, and now we have an official name for the four shows that they will be doing.

Jeph Loeb confirmed the news to Deadline today in an interview:

“Then we started having the same conversation, which was there is in the comic book world the Spirit of Vengeance, and they are this sort of unusual group of characters, which involve Ghost Rider, which involve Helstrom, which involve Helstrom’s sister, Anna. We suddenly saw that there were three or four shows that we could put together that we now refer to as Adventure into Fear.

He also confirmed that there are a couple more shows unannounced beyond Ghost Rider and Helstrom. We know one of the unannounced shows likely deals with Glyph, while the other is unknown just yet; although Marvel did trademark “Spirits of Vengeance” for a television show.