Kevin Feige Teases an Infinity Saga Boxed Set With More Deleted Scenes

Avengers: Endgame is now out digitally and arrives on disc next week, and those who are watching it now know that the deleted scenes are a little…disappointing. Fans know there were more deleted scenes, specifically one where Katherine Langford played an older Morgan Stark.

In an new interview with Empire, Kevin Feige teases the possibility of an Infinity Saga boxed set with everything in it:

“If we do a big, giant Infinity Saga box set, we might include- I’m assuming if you’re going to spend the money to buy a box set with everything in it, you’re a fan. And it’ll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you,” he laughs.

A set with 23 movies would be pretty expensive, so perhaps they’ll just do a Phase 4 one with those movies along with it to provide options. There’s no release date yet, but it will probably be later this year after Spider-Man: Far From Home is out on video.