Who Could Be ABC’s ‘Brand New’ Female Marvel Hero?

Yesterday news came out that ABC is working on a different female-led series than the team-based one announced about a year ago.

According to Deadline, the series will feature a “brand new, mostly” character, which means the internet is wondering who they’re taking about. It could be a character that Marvel Television is creating, or it could be a little-known Marvel hero that’s headed to TV. And there are a couple options on who that may be…

Squirrel Girl

Freeform’s New Warriors series appears to be dead. Recently, Kevin Biegal made a comment during a “drunk AmA” on Twitter that seems to confirm it’s not going anywhere:

Marvel’s very popular Squirrel Girl character was part of that series, and that’s a character they probably don’t want to leave in a dead pilot. Milana Vayntrub was cast as the character in New Warriors, and it’s always possible this “brand new, mostly” reference could be talking about Squirrel Girl as she was in a TV series…just one no one ever saw.


Another option could be Glyph. Originally believed to be headed to Hulu along with Ghost Rider and Hellstrom, the Glyph series could be this new ABC show. Her series was trademarked at the same time as the other two Hulu supernatural shows, but hasn’t been announced yet:

Glyph is also a “brand new, mostly” superhero as no one has really heard of her. She originated in the 2015 Howling Commandos limited series, and is a character who can speak to ancient Egyptian spirits. It could be something of a Marvel “Ghost Whisperer” show, and none that wouldn’t need a giant effects budget.

Not Kamala Khan

One character it won’t be, that some people online are speculating about, is Ms. Marvel. The reason is because Kevin Feige himself has been talking about Kamala appearing in the MCU, and he wouldn’t let Marvel Television have her:

If Kamala were to get a series (which could be very likely), it’d be on Disney+ under the control of Marvel Studios so the character could seamlessly appear in movies. An ABC series under Marvel Television would prevent that from happening.

Whoever the character ends up being, hopefully this won’t be like the “A Force” show that was talked about last year and vanish without another mention.