New Report Says ‘Eternals’ Will Film in the Canary Islands for a ‘Prehistoric’ Location

With Phase 4 well into production, both of the 2020 movies are underway. Black Widow has now been filming for a couple of months, and Eternals is ramping up production in London. Now some of the additional locations for Eternals are being discovered, and one definitely hints at the ancient Kirby origin from the comics.

A new report says that Marvel producers have met with officials about filming in the Canary Islands, specifically in the UNESCO World Heritage Site; Teide National Park.

That location is a rocky and volcanic one, and resembles something you’d see from the beginning of Prometheus when the Engineers seeded Earth. The report says that the filming will be for a “Prehistoric” location, which fits with the Jack Kirby story of Eternals.

It concludes with saying Eternals will be the largest production to film in the Canary Islands when it arrives.