Eternals Set Photos Reveal the Tomb of the Space Gods

When Marvel Studios revealed Eternals in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, they mentioned how it’ll be filming in London soon. Now the first evidence of that filming has surfaced.

Star Wars Instagram page Bespin Bulletin noticed a new set being built in the black park area of Pinewood UK where many scenes for the Star Wars sequels were filmed. They originally thought the set was for The Rise of Skywalker, but as it looks nothing like Star Wars; it’s been determined the set is for Marvel’s Eternals.

And readers of Jack Kirby’s Eternals will immediately know what the photos are of; it’s the Aztec temple where Margo Damian discovered the Tomb of the Space Gods along with Ikaris who was disguised as her human cameraman.

Previously, auditions for the “Karen” character in Eternals revealed that the character may be an archeologist in the film, pointing to an appearance of Margo Damian (or a version of that character) in the MCU version of Jack Kirby’s Eternals. Kevin Feige said that the movie would go “full Jack Kirby” in Hall H, so having the Aztec temple as part of the film makes complete sense.