Amy Pascal Says There’s ‘No Time Table’ For a Venom Sequel

After Sony’s non-Spider-Man Venom movie made $856 million worldwide (mostly thanks to China), there obviously was going to be a sequel at some point. Back in December of 2018, Venom‘s screenwriter confirmed that a sequel was in development, but now Sony’s Amy Pascal says there’s no time table for its release.

In an interview with, Pascal confirms a Venom sequel is being worked on, but there’s no time table for its arrival just yet:

CB: What about a Venom sequel? Just an outright sequel to that movie?

AP: Yes, that is in the works.

CB: That’s on the way? Okay, cool. Any time table?

AP: No time table.

Previously, Sony set two release dates for 2020 Marvel movies. The first, July 10, is going to the Jared Leto Morbius film that has already been shot. It was widely assumed that the October 2 date would go for a Venom 2. Amy Pascal’s comments today seem to put that into question now.