Jon Watts Wants Kraven as the Spider-Man 3 Villain

If you’ve seen Spider-Man: Far From Home by now (and you probably have), then you’ll know that Peter’s world will be turned upside-down in Spider-Man 3. Everyone who has a reason to not like Spider-Man will be hunting him, and the director of the MCU movies has his idea who that should be.

Uproxx asked Jon Watts who he’d want the villain in the third movie to be, and he said, “Oh, I would love Kraven. It’s just the trick of how do you do Kraven in a movie?”

There’s only one problem (as the site points out), Sony is currently planning their own Kraven the Hunter movie in their non-Spider-Man universe of Marvel characters where Venom and Morbius exist. There were even Easter eggs for Kraven spotted on the set of Morbius.

One would hope that Amy Pascal could talk some sense into Sony to have them not produce that movie and instead allow Jon Watts to use Kraven the Hunter in the third Spider-Man movie. This also isn’t the first time Kraven popped up as a wanted villain in a film, Ryan Coogler wanted to use him in the first Black Panther but they were unable to due to him belonging to Sony.