September 25, 2020

Yelena Belova Possibly Confirmed in ‘Black Widow’

Yelena Black Widow

Ever since Florence Pugh was cast in Marvel’s Black Widow, people have speculated that she could be playing Yelena Belova from the comics. Despite fan wiki’s claiming that character was in Agent Carter, that was never official. Now there is actual evidence that Yelena is in the upcoming Black Widow movie.

The film is currently filming in Budapest, and people are taking set photos and videos of what’s being filmed. The other day, a motorcycle video came out with both Scarlett and Florence’s stunt doubles riding it, and Florence’s had blonde hair. Now, a photo has surfaced of two crates likely to hold the costumes. One crate is labeled “Natasha” and the second crate is labeled “Yelena”.

Now, it’s not uncommon for codenames to be used on sets. For example, throughout the filming of The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley’s Rey was “Kira” in the on-set stuff so the real name wouldn’t leak. A codename of “Yelena” would be very unusual since that’s an actual character from Black Widow’s past, so this looks like it’s confirmation that Yelena Belova does appear in the Black Widow film.