Kevin Feige Casts Doubt on Sony’s Venom Appearing in the MCU

Ever since Sony created their “Sony Universe of Marvel Characters” and made a Venom movie where the title character has zero connection to Spider-Man, people have (for some reason) wanted to see him interact with Spidey.

There are even those who hope to see him in the MCU in Spider-Man 3, although in two weeks everyone will be speculating a lot about the plot of Spider-Man 3...and it probably doesn’t involve a version of Venom that has no connection to the title character. And now Kevin Feige has cast doubt on that version of Venom appearing in the MCU.

In an interview with Cinemablend, Feige is asked about Spider-Man and Venom crossing over. Despite what some people online are thinking, he didn’t mention Tom Holland in his quote; this is exactly what he said:

“I think probably it’s up to Sony. Sony has both those characters and, has Venom in their world. I don’t know what their plans are for another Venom or if they’re doing that. But it seems likely at some point.”

Lets break that quote down a little bit for people who seem to have trouble parsing what he said (and the shade he threw at Sony):

“”I think probably it’s up to Sony. Sony has both those characters and, has Venom in their world. “

It’s “up to Sony” and “their world” means it’s not in the MCU, as Sony has their own separate universe where all of those Spider-Man villains are existing without Spider-Man. If they were to do a Spider-Man/Venom movie it would be something that existed outside of the MCU, and thus probably not with Tom Holland ( casting a different Spider-Man) as he still as a third solo movie on his six-movie contract with Marvel.

It makes some sense as to why Feige wouldn’t want Sony’s Venom in the MCU and interacting with Marvel’s version of Spider-Man, as Sony detached their SUMC version of Venom from Spidey and the two have no connection, as well as being on separate sides of the country and not in the same city like in the Spider-Man version of the story.