Marvel Studios Already Has San Diego Comic Con Banners Up

San Diego Comic Con is thirty days away, but the city of San Diego is already showing signs of its arrival. The first thing to go up is usually banners around the Gaslamp area of downtown, which is right across the street from the convention center. This year is the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic Con, and the special 50th anniversary banners are flanked by ones from Marvel Studios with the Avengers: Endgame poster art and “Love You 3000” on the other side.

The SDCC Unofficial Blog has images of the banners online, and in previous years there were banners when Marvel Studios attended Hall H:



In April of 2018, when Avengers: Infinity War was just opening in theaters, everyone was asking Kevin Feige when they’d announce new movies. He stated in several interviews that since the movies they promised at the Phase 3 announcement event weren’t out yet, it wouldn’t be right to promise more movies on top of that; so they skipped San Diego Comic Con last summer and did not do Hall H. However, Feige explained to Den of Geek last year that they planned to do Hall H at SDCC this year:

“That’s one of the main reasons we’re not going to Hall H this year,” he continues, “is because Ant Man & the Wasp will have just been released, Infinity War will be out, Captain Marvel will have just finished filming, Spider-Man will have just started filming, and we’re not gonna be making any other announcements. So we’re gonna wait until Comic-Con next year.”

Some people are trying to claim that since there’s a D23 Expo this year that Marvel won’t do Hall H to announce the movies, when that actually hasn’t really happened at previous D23 Expos. At most, Marvel will bring an exclusive clip to D23 Expo and save big reveals for Hall H due to time restrictions. At D23 Expo they get fifteen to twenty minutes out of a presentation they share with Disney and Lucasfilm, while at SDCC they get the hole time slot to themselves. Also, Marvel has never skipped Hall H on a D23 year. The last year they did that was last year (as Feige explained above), when there wasn’t a D23 Expo going on.