Tye Sheridan Confirms the Skrulls Originally Appeared in Dark Phoenix


This is a nice bit of vindication for a year of being called a liar about a plot element of Dark Phoenix.

Last year, people saw a lot of Dark Phoenix as Fox tested various cuts of the movie in front of audiences. Early in the year, people saw the movie and the shape-shifting villains were originally the Skrulls.

Now one of the stars of the movie has confirmed that the villains were originally the Skrulls. Tye Sheridan went on the ReelBlend podcast and said this about how the movie was different than the one we saw in theaters last weekend:

“There is this huge battle between the guards at the U.N. and Jean Grey, and all the guards turn out to be Skrulls”

Last year I publicly said the Skrulls were in the film, and not long after people decided that they didn’t like the idea of Fox using the characters before Marvel did in Captain Marvel, so a user on Reddit went to the r/MarvelStudios sub and made a huge post calling me a liar and saying the Skrulls were not in the movie. Of course, that post has now been deleted, but it’s preserved in multiple websites who picked up his false claim that I was lying about the Skrulls appearing in Dark Phoenix. So it was nice to see Cyclops himself confirm that they originally appeared in the film.