Dark Phoenix Director Admits Similarities to the Captain Marvel Ending

Captain Marvel Ending

Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN MARVEL.. Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

Following the poor box office performance of Dark Phoenix over the last weekend, there has been a lot of reporting about what went wrong with the final Fox X-Men film. While some people have reported that the original ending wasn’t changed due to similarities with Captain Marvel, the film’s director has now confirmed that the ending of the two movies shared elements.

In an interview with i09, they directly asked Simon Kinberg about the Captain Marvel issue and he said, “The truth is, I think a lot of the cast saw Captain Marvel, and then went off to do interviews, and sort of put two and two together. But the decision to reshoot what we reshot happened before Captain Marvel came out, and you know, I don’t have access to Marvel Studios’ planning process. Having said that, our original ending that I’d storyboarded did have things in common with the very end of Captain Marvel.”

So in addition to the Skrulls originally being the villains in the movie, the film would’ve ended with Jean Grey taking on a fiery “Phoenix” form and wiping out the Skrull ships. Just like when Carol Danvers became all fiery and wiped out the Kree ships at the end of Captain Marvel