Mindy Kaling Thinks Ms. Marvel is Destined for Disney+

Ms. Marvel

We know Marvel is planning to do something with Ms. Marvel in the MCU, as last year Kevin Feige revealed the Kamala Khan would be coming to the MCU in some way. They just had to wait for Captain Marvel to be established, as Carol Danvers is the inspiration for Kamala to become a hero. Now there’s a rumor of where the character may show up, and it might be disappointing for those hoping for a movie to introduce her.

In an interview with MTV, Mindy Kaling reveals that she has talked to Marvel about what they are thinking of doing with Ms. Marvel and she says, “Now there’s, like, this streaming platform with them. It might be something like that.”

There have been rumors floating around for quite a while that Ms. Marvel would be a Disney+ series, which could also be used to reboot the Inhumans in the MCU after the failed ABC series, and this is another thing lending some credibility to those streaming rumors. Before people start screaming how Marvel is going to “ruin” character by putting her on Disney+, remember that those streaming series are being done by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios and the characters introduced there can always appear in movies in the future.

At the Disney+ investor’s day, Kevin Feige said these shows will tie-in to future MCU movies:

“I can promise you that each of the series will be equal to the movies in quality and storytelling. These shows are immensely important. They will change and evolve our existing characters, while also introducing new ones in ways that deepen the mythology and significantly impact the future of the MCU. A post-Endgame MCU will be extremely different and focused on Disney+ tying into our future movies. This is only something that Marvel Studios can do and it can only be done on Disney+.”

If Ms. Marvel is introduced on Disney+, it could be one step to building towards a movie of the Young Avengers or Champions.