September 24, 2020

Keanu Reeves is Being Sought For a Role in ‘The Eternals’ (Exclusive)

If you’ve followed MCU Cosmic over the last year, you’ll know this site has been on top of The Eternals since the very beginning when the news first broke of Marvel’s newest franchise. Now I have a small bit of news about that movie, from the same reliable source who first told me of The Eternals (and other things that have come true).

Keanu Reeves is being sought for a role in The Eternals, and negotiations are apparently underway already. He’s not signed yet and this is all still early, and I don’t know what role he’s being considered for.

I usually don’t bother with casting scoops, but given this source I’m confident in putting this out there. Again, it’s still early and sounds like negotiations are pretty recent. Still, I know Marvel fans have dreamed of seeing Keanu show up in the MCU (there’s fan art out there of him as Wolverine), and I personally thought he’d make a great Silver Surfer; but it seems like The Eternals is where he may end up.

If things work out, and he does end up in the movie, then The Eternals is shaping up to have a pretty strong cast that already includes Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden.