Cast Rehearsals on the Unannounced ‘Black Widow’ Movie Have Begun

black widow

Marvel Studios hasn’t officially announced the Black Widow movie yet, but things are moving forward on it with filming expected to begin very soon. Another sign that production on it is imminent is that the cast appears to be rehearsing now.

David Harbour, who is cast in a mystery role in the film, was at the MCM London convention this weekend, and Den of Geek UK was there to hear him talk a little about Black Widow:

“Cate Shortland is a real indie director and she really believes in characters, so there’s a real depth to it that I’m already seeing as we rehearse.”

The Black Widow movie is rumored to be a prequel with at least one part of it set in the late 90s. Marvel Studios won’t be announcing any of their upcoming movies until this summer, and we’re likely to hear the entire slate (including Black Widow), in July at San Diego Comic Con.