Katherine Langford Spotted on the Avengers: Endgame Set in New Video Robert Downey Jr. Shared

Katherine Langford in Avengers Endgame

Even though the Russo Brothers confirmed that Katherine Langford was in Avengers: Endgame in a deleted scene, there are still some people out there who think she wasn’t ever in the movie. Now, Robert Downey Jr. has shared a video on his Instagram of him wrapping production on Avengers: Endgame and ten years in the MCU, and in the video you can see Katherine Langford on set with the rest of the crew.

As the set is a green screen set, and this is the last thing RDJ filmed, this was likely from the filming of that scene that didn’t make it into the movie as it was between Morgan Stark and Tony inside the Soul World. Apparently Langford’s role was added late to the movie and filmed after the rest of the production, so this would make sense to be that time: