The Russo Bros Confirm The Avengers: Endgame Title Was Really ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ For a Long Time

The saga of the Avengers: Endgame title is hopefully one that no other movie will go through, as it’s really stupid to keep something like the title secret until the trailer comes out. Despite Kevin Feige saying in December that the title was always “Endgame“, the Russo Brothers confirmed today that the title was actually different for a long time.

In this week’s Happy, Sad, Confused Podcast the Playlist noticed this segment where the Russos confirmed that the title wasn’t always “Endgame” as Kevin Feige claimed:

“‘Infinity Gauntlet’ was the title for quite a long time, actually”

It’s interesting that the Russos admit to that now, as they famously denied it was Infinity Gauntlet in an interview with Collider last year:

Back in May of last year, MCU Cosmic reported that the title was actually Infinity Gauntlet through much of the production and Collider was correct when asking the Russo Brothers if that was the title. Will this shut up the trolls who think it was always Endgame and endlessly attack those who last year said it wasn’t the title at the time? Doubtful, but it’s still nice to finally have confirmation that Infinity Gauntlet was the title for a long time.

Here’s the full podcast: