Rumor: Glyph May Receive a Television Series Similar to Ghost Rider and Helstrom

This morning it was revealed that both Ghost Rider and Helstrom will be headed to Hulu with solo series, but there’s a possibility that another supernatural Marvel hero may also receive a solo series to go along with them.

It wasn’t announced this morning, but there’s a rumor that Glyph is also in the running to receive a solo television series. As they’re doing Ghost Rider and Helstrom on Hulu, she’d fit in well with those two shows if they’re planning to do some kind of supernatural hero cross-over like the Defenders on Netflix.

For those who are unaware of the character, Glyph (aka Nadeen Hassan) is a teenager with the ability to summon ancient Egyptian spirits who first appeared in the Howling Commandos comic in 2015. She definitely fits into a more supernatural side of the Marvel universe with Ghost Rider and Helstrom, so the rumor fits with the announcements that arrived this morning. Her ties to Egyptian spirits could even be a way of introducing Moon Knight if they decide to bring him into the universe.

Again, it’s only a rumor right now but as both Ghost Rider and Helstrom were announced this morning, it’s possible Glyph is on the way some time in the future as well.