Ghost Rider and Helstrom Series Coming to Hulu in 2020

Following the success of Runaways on the streaming platform, Hulu has ordered two new Marvel series to premiere next year.

According to Variety both Ghost Rider and Helstrom will debut there, and will be produced by Marvel Television and ABC, under Jeph Loeb. That’s different than the Disney+ series that Marvel Studios is producing, and as these are Jeph Loeb series it’s likely (but not confirmed yet) that Gabriel Luna could return as Robbie Reyes in Ghost Rider.

The character played a big part in the first third of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4, before the fiery VFX burned through the show’s effects budget and they had to go for a LMD storyline instead. With Hulu doing both Ghost Rider and Helstrom, it’s possible they could be planning some kind of Spirits of Vengeance or Midnight Sons teamup show like Netflix’s Defenders.

This also shows that Disney will be putting the more mature-themed Marvel shows on Hulu while Disney+ receives the more PG-13 Marvel Studios series.