The X-Men Will Be Rebooted Following Dark Phoenix

Despite a delusional wave of denial that’s beginning to take shape among die-hard fans of Fox’s Mutant movies, it’s been confirmed again today that the X-Men will be rebooted following Dark Phoenix. Most sane people expected this, but on social media there are actually people out there who think that Dark Phoenix could make a billion at the box office (it won’t) and that will cause Disney to continue the Fox continuity (they won’t).

As part of that big interview they did with the New York Times, Avengers: Endgame screenwriters talked about how it wasn’t possible for them to use the X-Men in the movie and they wouldn’t have done that due to the pending reboot and release of Dark Phoenix:

Could you have used any of the characters that Disney obtained from the Fox acquisition, like the X-Men or Fantastic Four?

McFEELY Legally, not allowed to.

MARKUS I guess it’s done now but it wasn’t done then. They still have an “X-Men” movie [“Dark Phoenix,” due in June]. You can’t reboot them before they’re done. “Sorry to completely screw you.”

The one Fox Mutant who is likely safe from rebooting is Deadpool, as they see that as its own unique franchise that isn’t broken. And if it’s not broken, there’s no reason to change it going forward.