Don Cheadle Shuts Down the Latest Anti-Brie Larson Conspiracy Theory

Now that Captain Marvel has crossed $1.1 billion worldwide and $400 million domestically, the trolls who failed to “boycott” the movie have resurfaced with another stupid conspiracy theory about Brie Larson in some kind of sad attempt to get people not not watch Avengers: Endgame (good luck with that).

By selectively editing and nitpicking certain things in Avengers: Endgame press interviews featuring Brie Larson, they’ve hatched a conspiracy theory that the rest of the Avengers cast doesn’t like her. As Don Cheadle is one of the people in these videos they’re using, and one of the cast members they claim hate her, he shut down the trolls on Twitter:

There’s probably a fascinating Venn-Diagram between these Anti-Brie Larson trolls who make up stupid conspiracy theories and Flat Earthers. It’s probably a circle.