Marvel Introduces a New Modern Design For Hercules

Hercules is rumored to make an appearance in the MCU, and it looks like Marvel is starting to pave the way for the long-time Marvel hero to hit the big screen. Normally, characters who are about to debut on the big screen will start to receive a push in the comics about eighteen months before their movie release, and Herc has definitely been seeing that recently.

He was part of a ten-issue weekly Avengers series titled No Road Home, and the final issue hit stands today and the end of the story reveals a new modern design for the character:

While it’s doubtful the MCU version will replicate this 100%, this is more in line with the sort of costumes you’d see in a MCU movie than Hercules traditional look. With Hercules being part of this Avenger story, and him seeing a redesign at this point in the comics, those rumors of him showing up in The Eternals are starting to look more and more correct…