September 26, 2020

Unfortunately That Twenty-Minute Avengers: Endgame Footage Description Isn’t Real

Over the weekend a very detailed “description” of the first twenty minutes of Avengers: Endgame hit Reddit after the press event in South Korea where sites claimed they were shown the first twenty minutes. No one who was there actually detailed what they were shown, as most people respect requests to not spoil things. Despite that, Reddit embraced a “leak” of the first twenty minutes that was written days before the press saw the footage and strangely copies the opening to Mission: Impossible Fallout in many ways.

Thankfully, despite the Reddit mods endorsing the leak and saying that people who were actually at the media events have no credibility, the twenty minute footage description on the forum is not real. Anton Volkov of Trailer Track was at the UK press event and points out how the fan fiction footage description on Reddit completely contradicts the real footage that the Russo Bros are showing to the media prior to people seeing the movie in full next week:

Media shown the footage were asked to not spoil it in detail, and since Anton and others who agreed to not detail the footage online won’t break their word, people on Reddit are claiming they have no credibility and making up insane conspiracy theories of the Russos making two completely different versions of the movie to show different media groups in different countries.

Despite the users there claiming that he (and those backing him up) are un-credible liars and “idiots”, Anton clarified it even more in the Reddit comments that were of course down-voted to oblivion from people who would rather believe fan fiction than reality, “But the Tony/Nebula scenes described in this post do not happen that way in the footage screened to US and UK press – and as I said it would require completely alternate takes as well as heavy re editing work to get to from what I saw to what’s described here. … The text leak has details and actions and dialogues (and a whole different scene shoved in the middle) that happened differently, if not at all, compared to the footage that US/UK saw. Which, again, is why I’m saying big reshoots/edits would be required to get it to that stage.”

Basically the person on Reddit took what was publicly released about the footage the media was shown, and concocted an elaborate fan fiction surrounding it. But since they didn’t see the footage and didn’t know exactly how it played out, the description contradicted what was really shown to people who were actually at the event. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this over the next week as people try to falsely spoil the movie before the first audiences see it one week from today when the world premiere is held.