Kumail Nanjiani May Be Joining ‘The Eternals’

As we move through the summer there’s going to be more and more casting news coming out about The Eternals as the film approaches its August start date and the large cast is filled out, and now another Eternal may have been found.

According to THR, Kumail Nanjiani is the next person to be cast:

“The comedian and Oscar-nominee is in negotiations to star alongside Angelina Jolie in The Eternals, one of two features that Marvel is prepping to shoot this year.”

They don’t say who his character is, but Makkari could be a possibility. Kimail would make a pretty cool Mecury in the MCU. THR also says that Angelina Jolie will be playing Sersi, and if you’re familiar with the original Jack Kirby run of the comics; she does fit that version of the character very well.

We’re still waiting to hear of who will be cast as “Karen”, and who will be the other male lead in the movie. There are two female leads, Piper/Sprite and “Karen”, and two male leads Ikaris and the character who may end up being Hercules.