One Avengers: Endgame Mystery Cameo Has Been Solved With the New Trailer

Last week, at the Captain Marvel red carpet premiere, Joe Russo revealed that his daughter would have a mystery cameo in Avengers: Endgame. You can see him talking about it on Marvel’s official stream here at the 1:34:43 mark.

At the time they wouldn’t say what the cameo is, but you can see it in the trailer.

The shot of the trailer everyone thinks is Kate Bishop now appears to be Lila Barton being played by Joe Russo’s daughter:

The scene looks to be a flashback of sorts as if you look closely you can see Laura Barton in the background at the picnic table as well as the rest of the Barton family. Maybe that’s where they get dusted?

I know people were hoping for Kate Bishop, but that also doesn’t appear to be who Katherine Langford is playing either as the time element that the trailer confirmed may confirm the rumor of who she is playing.