New Avengers: Endgame Trailer Confirms the White Suites and Time Jump Are Real!

For the last several months, and well into the last year, there have been two things people on the Internet were working very hard to debunk in regards to Avengers: Endgame. Both the “White Suits” and the concept of a time jump were two things that people did not want to accept as real in the movie, and there has been a good eight to ten months of people screaming that both concepts are “bogus” and wouldn’t show up in the film.

Well, the final trailer released today confirms both.

First off is the time jump.

That’s Scott Lang on the street where Cassie’s house is. Look at the background. Look at the foliage. That amount of growth doesn’t happen in just days or even weeks after the Snap. It looks like years have passed since the Snap.

And then there’s Natasha’s hair:

She’s shown in the trailer with long red hair (as well as the short blonde hair) and something in-between:

It looks as if there’s a point in the movie where time jumps ahead a few years. Perhaps they try to stop Thanos immediately after the Snap, fail, and then wait a few years. Five years or so later, Scott reappears with news of the Quantum Realm Time Vortexes; and they see that as another way to win.

Which brings us to the white suits:

For months sites and Reddit have been screaming that those suits are fake. Despite art leaks and toys on shelves in stores, people wanted to believe they were fake because they didn’t like how they looked or something. Well the trailer confirmed they’re real, and it’s time people stop pretending that they’re fake.