Kevin Feige Says They’ve Been Focusing on Other Movies Than ‘Guardians 3’

Those hoping for news on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may be waiting a while, as Kevin Feige has said that they’ve been focusing on other movies than the delayed third entry to the trilogy.

Feige gave the update to Collider, where he said:

“I mean, when it was pushed back, it was pushed back. Meaning the release date, because it’s not coming out—although we’ve never announced a release date actually, but it was gonna happen sooner rather than later, initially of course. Outside of knowing that we’re gonna use [James Gunn’s] draft, [we have] been focusing on other projects.”

He’s correct that they never gave a release date, but James Gunn went live on Facebook nearly a year ago where he strongly hinted that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would release in the first weekend of May, 2020. That would mean the May 1, 2020 date that Black Widow is most likely going to take over.

We should know for sure what movie will be out next year, as Marvel is expected to reveal those plans in Hall H at SDCC this July.