Editorial: Rotten Tomatoes Did Not Disable a ‘Poll’ on Captain Marvel’s Page

Ever since Rotten Tomatoes disabled the ability for trolls to weaponize their sites to push a stupid agenda, the goal posts have been moved and narrative has abruptly switched in an attempt to discredit every site that called the user review feature a “review”.

Now endless amounts of bot accounts on social media are spreading a new narrative that Rotten Tomatoes simply disabled a poll in their attempt to silence the free speech of people due to Disney paying them (except for the fact that Rotten Tomatoes is actually owned by Warner Bros. and Comcast):

For those who never actually used Rotten Tomatoes before, this is what their site looked like prior to this week’s change. Under every movie was a box where a user could rate the movie and write their own user review:

This is what the Captain Marvel page looked like before Rotten Tomatoes changed their site. These are not poll responses, this are “user reviews”:

So again, that’s not a “poll”. Those are “user reviews”. So whenever you see someone trying to claim that Rotten Tomatoes simply shut down a pole to stifle their “free speech” on a private website; just show them that screenshot above of the actual reviews people were writing.