Black Widow’s Working Title is ‘Blue Bayou’ and Will Shoot in the UK!

Production on Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is about to begin ramping up, and now we know what title the production will be using and where most of the production will be set.

According to Christopher Marc over at HN Entertainment:

“There is an extremely good chance that Pinewood will be as the primary stage location for the UK shoot, Marvel also plans on filming exterior/location scenes in and around England. It’s not terribly shocking only last year they shot Spider-Man: Far From Home in the UK. Pinewood was the production space for other Marvel films such as Doctor Strange, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Guardians of The Galaxy. It’s a perfect homestead production space if they do plan on filming scenes in various parts of Europe.

Also, we can report that the working title for Black Widow is Blue Bayou.”

Disney shoots many of their movies, and all of the Star Wars films, at Pinewood Studios in the UK. But normally Marvel filmed their movies in Atlanta, meaning the UK shoot will likely allow them easier access to various European locations for the spy-thriller.