September 25, 2020

An Avengers Endgame Trailer During the Oscars is Unlikely

Over the last couple of days speculation has begun to really ramp up that there would be a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame during the Academy Awards at the end of the month. The basis for the idea is that some members of the Avengers cast will be presenters, and it’s only a couple of weeks before Captain Marvel is in theaters.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look likely. Trailer Track made an excellent point this morning that it’s unlikely as the movie could violate a rule that’s in place regarding ads for sequels to Best Picture nominees running during the show:

The question is if they would consider Endgame a “sequel” to Black Panther since it’s in the same series of movies and features many of the same characters.

If it’s not at the Academy Awards and thus isn’t with Captain Marvel in theaters, it’s very likely that they’re waiting until after that movie is out to do anything more. If you remember, last year they waited until after the release of Avengers: Infinity War to release the second trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Of course that brings up the question everyone has, when will it be? Well if they do another trailer, the next big opportunity would be March Madness in the middle of the month. In the past the second Avengers trailers traditionally weren’t tied to a TV event, and March Madness isn’t on a Disney network, but the timing does seem to work out this time. A spot like the “Special Look” we just got for Captain Marvel to announce ticket sales would be something that could air there.

Obviously this won’t stop the “when’s the trailer?” questions, but even if there isn’t something at the end of the month; there will likely be some kind of footage to announce advanced ticket sales next month.