The Captain Marvel Website is Not Teasing Annihilus

Earlier today, Disney launched a fun 90s-inspired website for Captain Marvel.

As people dug through the site, they noticed something that a lot of Marvel fans have known about for a while, but it’s caused a bit of a panic of speculation. The media, and most of the site for that matter, is hosted on Marvel’s domain. People think it’s some kind of sly tease that they would introduce the Fox-owned villain Annihilus in Captain Marvel, due to the movie’s cosmic nature. Unfotunately that is not the case. is simply the media server for all of Marvel’s websites. They’ve had it for a very long time and if you go to and look at the source code, you’ll find that much of the media on the site is being hosted on that server.

So no, it’s not a tease of a villain that Marvel doesn’t yet own showing up in Captain Marvel. It’s simply Marvel’s IT department having fun when naming the media server for their websites; something that happened long before there was going to be a Captain Marvel film.