Editorial: Stealing Our Content is Not Cool

This morning I was alerted to another MCU site via one of my Twitter followers who has been plagiarizing content from not only this site, but other much larger outlets. And that’s not cool.

One of my Twitter followers asked me about a story posted on MCU Updates that was completely unrelated to the plagiarism I discovered upon learning about the site. When I clicked on the link I immediately noticed the site’s logo and due to that I started to look at their content:

Immediately I found that “Shane S.B.” who seems to run the site copied-and-pasted MCU Cosmic’s article about Avengers: Endgame’s upcoming TV spot that was posted on this site yesterday as a story on their site today without any changes at all (archive here):

But as I made this discovery public, Twitter users dug some more and found that the site copies and pastes articles from Screenrant, BGR, We Got This Covered, and a couple of articles from SuperBroMovies.

When presented with evidence of their plagiarism, the site wanted to take it out of the public eye and into direct messages:

This sort of thing just makes me mad. I’ve worked very hard to build up MCU Cosmic to be a source of Marvel news. I’m one person who runs this site entirely and produces all of the content here, the podcast, and on YouTube. All while being a full-time science major. It’s possible to run a site and YouTube like MCU Cosmic while studying full time, it just takes dedication. But this MCU Updates site decided to instead steal other site’s content instead. Hopefully they change their ways, as a huge site like Screenrant probably isn’t going to react well to what they’ve done.

I’m hoping that bringing this to light causes the site to create their own artwork and content without copying and pasting from others.