Game Footage of ‘Rocket’s Rescue Run’ Might Kill a Popular Fan Theory

A few weeks ago, Audi announced a VR game that’s played in a car titled Rocket’s Rescue Run. The game is a rail shooter where you shoot targets while Rocket yells at you. When the game was announced, people believed the title was a hint that in Avengers: Endgame Rocket would go into space to track down his friends and in the process rescue Tony Stark. With actual game play footage of the game now available, that theory is cast into doubt.

Today Engadget released a video review of the game and it gives the first look at how it plays. At around 3:25 in the video below you can clearly see the Guardian’s ship The Benetar (which Tony is stranded on in the Avegners: Endgame trailer) in a sequence where the player is shooting Sakaaran pods. It seems as if Rocket is possibly flying the Benetar while the player mans the guns in the game, and if that’s true it’s unlikely the object of the shooter is for Rocket to track down and rescue Tony Stark: