September 26, 2020

Spider-Man: Far From Home Appears to be Set in 2019

The latest MCU conspiracy theory regarding when a movie is set centers around Spider-Man: Far From Home due to Peter’s passport not having dates on it. Despite both Sony and Marvel confirming at two separate times over a year that Far From Home is set “minutes” after Avengers: Endgame; people refuse to want to listen to the facts that are out there to create a conspiracy theory that the movie is a prequel to the Avengers movies.

Well, the official poster released today may solve this new conspiracy. The poster features Spider-Man’s mast with stickers covering it for all the locations around the world he’ll visit in the movie such as Prague, Venice, London, and Berlin. There’s also a passport stamp on the mask, showing the date and year that Peter arrived in that country. The Berlin stamp says he arrived July 24, 2019:

If it’s set in 2019, this will back up what both Sony and Marvel have said about the movie being set after the events of the two Avengers movies. Avengers: Infinity War is set across about one day in 2018. Setting Far From Home in 2019 puts it after the events in those movies.