September 26, 2020

The Captain Marvel Yon-Rogg Action Figure Names Him as ‘Leader of the Starforce Team’

If you hit the toy aisle right now, you might be able to grab the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figures, as the whole wave is showing up in stores right now. I went looking this morning and found all of them on the shelf at my local Walmart, and quickly wanted to take a look at the Yon-Rogg figure after the earlier leaks about it.

The mystery surrounding Jude Law’s character won’t be completely solved until people actually see the movie, but this action figure could be a big clue. All of the official wording from Disney about the character describe him as the “Leader of the Starforce” or “Starforce Commander”. So it’s pretty clear that they’re saying Jude Law’s character is the leader of the team that Carol Danvers finds herself on when serving the Kree in the Kree-Skrull War.

Well, the Yon-Rogg action figure clearly shares the same description that Disney gives to Jude Law’s character:

It’s entirely possible that Mar-Vell, a relic from the Green Lantern style origin that Marvel has abandoned for this movie, isn’t actually in the movie and any mention of the name is a misdirection to hide that Jude Law really is Yon-Rogg.