Insomniac Releases the Raimi Suit in Spider-Man PS4

After a week of harassment and death threats, Insomniac has released the Raimi suit as a free download in Spider-Man PS4. The suit is available now, and apparently doesn’t require you to do anything special in-game to unlock it; except act like an entitled jerk to the developers on Twitter.

The harassment and death threats over the suit became so bad, Insomniac’s community director had to take a break from social media:

Adding the suit was obviously something that was in the works for a while, people just see this as their harassment campaign as working. That’s why people are now spamming and harassing Insomniac employees on Twitter demanding the Andrew Garfield suits be added to the game.

At this rate there won’t be anything cool to unlock in the sequel because crybabies had to have everything right now.