The Avengers: Endgame IMAX Trailer Solves Some Fan Theories

This weekend the IMAX version of the Avengers: Endgame trailer arrives in theaters, and thanks to the expanded aspect ratio of the trailer; some fan theories that were born from the original trailer are solved.

The first big one is Nebula’s hand and who’s shoulder she’s touching.

When the original trailer released, most people believed she was touching Tony on the Benetar prior to lifting off of Titan. However since you couldn’t really see the face of the person sitting in the chair, some people hatched a fan theory that it was Natasha and Steve. Well, the expanded IMAX aspect ratio of the trailer solves this theory, as you can better see who is sitting in the chair and they have heavy stubble; just like Tony. You can also better see the curved window architecture of the Guardians’ ship windshield in the shot; confirming it’s set on the Benetar.

The other big revelation you see in the IMAX trailer thanks to the expanded aspect ratio is the shot of Natasha in Japan. In the original trailer you get the impression that her hair is pulled back into a braid like in the leaked promo art, but the IMAX trailer (with more information at the top and bottom of the frame) gives you a much better look at Nat and her hair is in a ponytail; except still blonde and not red like in the leaked art and photos.

Finally, while it’s not a big revelation, you do get a slightly better look at Thanos’ Shrek farmer shirt in the IMAX trailer as he’s walking through the field wearing the damaged gauntlet. And as with the previous IMAX trailers, there are also minor color changes made so it looks just slightly different when played side-by-side with the first teaser.

With the IMAX trailer arriving in theaters, you might see it if you check out WB’s Aquaman as that’s the movie on most IMAX screens this weekend.