Insomniac Won’t Add the Raimi Suit to Spider-Man PS4, But Spider-Verse is Coming!

One of the most-requested suits in Spider-Man PS4 probably won’t be showing up in the game. The third and final DLC for the game is coming next week, and Insomniac replied to people who are unhappy that they won’t be adding the Raimi suit.

The suit from the Raimi trilogy (2002-2007) has been a common request since the game came out, and it seems like Insomniac has finally had enough with people spamming them on social media demanding the suit be added as their reply seemed just a little bit annoyed:

Insomnia employees also joked about muting the word just so they wouldn’t see it anymore:

There will be a new movie suit added to the game next week in the final DLC. It’ll add the Spider-Man suit from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as one of the ones you can unlock.

Spider-Man PS4 also doesn’t have the suits from the Amazing Spider-Man movies either (even though the ASM2 suit is vastly superior to the Raimi one). There’s always a possibility that there’s a good reason why only the recent movie suits are available (as the game is being released while Tom Holland is the current Spider-Man), and Insomniac is just doing what they’re supposed to.